New Turf Talk

Bring The Bass Back

Man the album is suppose to drop next week and since the retail finally leaked I think dudes ain’t bullshitting about it. Thank fucking god, rap music needs this record right now. Fuck more t-pain remixes and boring ass rappers who all sound like sucks. It’s good to hear some shit that actually has a unique style.

Rick Rock has some fucking bangers on this shit, my favorite being Bring The Bass Back, shit just goes hard as hell. Droop-E produced some dope tracks too, like Broke Niggas and Minnie Minnie which features Freeway who sounds fucking dope as hell on this shit. Dude really should fuck with more bay cats cause his style works well with that aggressive hyphy shit. I can’t decide if I like this more than Street Novelist yet but I know this completely shits on the 40 record. No retarded shit like making only half the record dope and the other have weak softhands bullshit. I’ve only gotten through the record once but I’m feeling the fuck out of this.

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