epic R&B symphony rap

8ball and MJG feat 112 and Three-6 Mafia – Cruisin

1. If only all ‘for the ladies’ cuts could be so epic and committed to the concept and caught up in their own grandeur.
2. 8ball and MJG can pull off widescreen Bad Boy Diddy-pop better than most and I hope these dudes get the focus they really deserve this year – single with Project Pat from last year was a classic and “Riding High” was hot in a exuberant mid-period Outkast way. Their first Bad Boy album was underrated, diverse in approach and startlingly ambitious in a way established acts really don’t have to be. And after years of classic releases in the suave house style, one timid step into pop with Quik and Swizz tracks on Space Age, this ambition was charming (their last 112 song even brought back that old Ma$e standby with some euphoric disco-pop-rap!) Judging from the new singles this album continues w/ an even bigger step into Big Important Music Statement, the rap equivalent of Oscar bait or some shit.
3. MJG and 8ball really sound charming over this. Committed and serious, no tossed off verse for the ladies, its all for real.
4. 3-6 are basically an afterthought and sound out of place. They don’t have that TLC that Ball and G pull off with almost accidental ease; if this was on a 3-6 album it would be filler.

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