Boss Hogg Outlawz

Dropped on Koch which is cool and it looks like Kyleon is fucking with Slim again, he kind of backed off and started running with that Day 1 fam shit for a minute. Dudes got some of the best joints on here. Hell just hearing Killa on tracks is the main reason I wanted this album to come out. The album has some banging ass cuts on it which helps. I’ve been a fan of Recognize A Player since I heard it on Rapid Ric’s After Da Relays mixtape, had that shit in my work truck and it was the perfect way to start a day at work with those horns setting shit off but man when that bass comes in it makes a motherfucker happy to be alive. If you ain’t knowin you best to get up on this cause otherwise you’re just a bitch.

Badge On My Neck
Yeah it’s about shiny cars and bullshit but it’s Kyleon. Dude is so fucking brash with it he sounds angry even when he’s telling you how rich he is. I’m a big fan of his delivery, his voice just hits with a punch that way too many motherfuckers lack.

Straight Outta Texas ft Killa Kyleon, P.J. and J-Dawg
I’m feeling this beat, they need a remix with a Pimp C verse and shit would be fucking perfect. Killa and PJ got the strongest verses on here. J-Dawg is alright but could benefit from shutting the fuck up.

The one draw back of the album are them soft ass joints like Cheating. I can understand dudes getting their feelings hurt and want to speak on it but man if I wanted to hear a motherfucker singing I would have bought his album. I don’t want to hear this low budget bubble bath and candles bullshit. Scrape that nonsense and give me more raps.

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