Have Some Rap

cause you can never have too much rap in your life.

Criminal Manne – Drama

Older Criminal Manne track off of the Street Ways album from 04. I had forgotten I had this shit and one day it comes in on random and the song just hit the way I needed a song to hit at that moment so here you go.

V12 Boys – Swerve Part 2

Got this one on repeat right now cause it goes hard. It’s off Southern Smoke 27, the DTP one. I don’t know if v12 boys is a legit group or just some mixtape shit but you got Pimp C and Boosie on this one.

Guce – Bumpa

Off the Tell Me When To Stop Cause I Already Go mixtape, which happens to be a fucking incredible title for a mixtape. Little Oompa Loompa thrown in there for fun.

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