A Sideshow On A King Size Bed

You may or may not have heard of Scweez but he is the first Mexican to ride the yellow bus. If you don’t know about dude check Greenlight with F.A.B. Dude has some cool tracks so I decided to buy his album the other day. It’s got your standard bay party type shit which is cool but the real gem of the album is Hyphy Luv. As far as I know Scweez is breaking all new ground with this hyphy love song. Shit when have you ever heard a song about ghostriding your motherfucking body and Gas brake dipping when I’m in you. This is pure fucking genius for reals man. Have your legs wide open like the doors on my car. Man I can’t even try to make this shit up, Scweez is just lacing this shit with some next level fuck music. Shit the man has reminded me that need to complement my girl on her interior and buy her some max lip gloss. Amaze that special someone in your life by ghostriding their body because as we all know intimate moments need more stunna shades and thizz faces

Dumb Luv

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