Help me ID this track

At my work we’ve got this 16 year old kid who loves going dumb and all that shit. A while back, shit months ago now, he gave me a cd of stuff he liked. It was mostly bay shit but there were a couple of southern joints sprinkled in. One song was this shit about doing drugs and seeing spaceships on bankhead. He didn’t know anything about the song other than that he downloaded it and I’ve never heard it outside of the cd he gave me. It’s been months and I’ve never found out what the hell the song was so I’ve decided to just post the song and see if someone knows the fucking title. I thought it might have been a D4L song but I don’t know. I don’t listen to them so it could be or I could totally be wrong. Anyways if you do know this shit post up in the comments cause it’s been bugging me for months.

Spaceships On Bankhead

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