RIP James Brown

I can’t believe this shit but James Brown is dead.
Rest in peace.

A lot of people are going to say a lot of shit over the next couple weeks, and rightfully so. Hopefully this guy will get the tribute he deserves – easily one of the most important musicians of the 20th century, without question one of the foremost musicians and anyone anywhere who listens to rap music owes this guy a debt of gratitude for basically creating whatever massive percentage of the genre he directly and indirectly inspired. I mean if you’re talking 20th century musicians you’re at what – louis armstrong and the beatles and dylan and duke ellington? James Brown belongs with those guys. I know lots of people think about popular music as rising with the beatles and falling with the 70s but 70s and 80s babies have known different, the way shit changed with kraftwerk and james brown and chic and everything that shifted when DJs grabbed on to the rhythm Brown & co were working with, JB is responsible for a huge percentage of some of my favorite music, the turning point, the godfather…I donno this is terribly written and its 2:25AM christmas morning but christ james brown just died and this is fucked up. Rest in peace man.

See Afrika Bambaataa @ SmartBar next month if yr in the chicago area.

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