banner beats

Bangs, but I’m still not won over by the chopper city boyz as rappers…. Gar is pretty good on this though. B.G.’s new look (see also the Top Back remix) is like some hip-hop Hotter than July-era Stevie Wonder (minus SW’s penchant for what the kids today would recognize as the Bape color palette)

Haha or maybe thats a stretch.

I haven’t heard the unedited version, so what does B.G. say he’s gonna put in Wayne and Baby’s mouth? Nah don’t answer this.

Here’s a classic video from Wayne and B.G.’s friendly days. What happened to Mil? I like this new Clipse album alright but why couldn’t rap bloggers bring back this dude and Philly’s Most Wanted instead? This beat&Sigel’s verse were fire

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