like father like son

Ethan Padgett‘s review of the new Birdman and Lil Wayne album.

Sound Tracks | Hip Hop/Rap
Like Father, Like Son
by Ethan Padgett

After the departure of B.G., Juvenile, Turk, and producer Mannie Fresh, Cash Money CEO Birdman probably spent a lot of time on his knees in thanks that Lil Wayne is still around. Though still a Hot Boy, after nearly a decade in the game Wayne is eager to prove that he’s far from a little squirt, regularly beating off the competition with such force that it’s understandable if he’s feeling a little testy on the duo’s new album. A rapper with this much spunk coming out his mouth doesn’t need to spend any more time boning up on his skills or trying to impress people with his stamina. Wayne effortlessly dominates Like Father, Like Son to the point that Birdman often gets the shaft….

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