termanology rap + premier

Termanology‘s new mixtape is called Hood Politics IV and I haven’t really given it much time yet, just putting this single on repeat. The CD does have a remix of “Watch How it go Down” with M.O.P. and Papoose, whose verse is kind of trash, which I skip to sometimes; you can hear it on Termanology’s myspace. Can’t help but feel good about nu-nu-Premier, what with his Xtina collabs and hot-fire AZ-assists. My favorite tracks of his from the 90s were always with gritty NY-style rappers who tended to be all detached, whether they were dropping spiritual 5%er-influenced ‘superscientifical’ shit or grimey street tracks; this is out of character for him, and while it doesn’t trump Christina Aguilera on the wtf meter, its good to see the dude stretch out to people who aren’t like 3rd generation Group Home knockoffs cough Pitch Black cough. Termanology is from Massachusetts and he’s pretty clearly going for the populist post-Pac raw honesty thing, which I’m not used to over Premier beats – it sounds very strange but I think I like it, and it helps that Premier’s place in rap is totally different now. His drums don’t have the same knock they once did, since he’s working in the context of 808s, trunk-rattling tracks aimed at rap heads who drive chevy caprices and cadillacs instead taking the A train to get to point B. Plus its a really melodic sample. Anyway better this than a blog post about the Clipse right?

Speaking of AZ…
Freeway + Termanology – The Format (Freestyle)

There’s also a track out there with Kanye where he does a track called “Everything I Got (If I Was Diddy).” Uh.

(for what its worth the Clipse album is good, speaking of detached NY-style rappers, and I really like “Hello New Day,” but if you can’t find at least 10 rap albums this year that are as good or better…)

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