I Got More Dreams To Tell

Christmas came early, I finally got my hands on the new project pat and I’m juiced. Been waiting for this record to drop for a couple years now. Pat’s doing his thing and man he’s got some cuts on here. Kept it down to three guests, well that’s if you don’t count any triple six dudes showing up but it wouldn’t be right with out Dj Paul yelling intros and miscellaneous bullshit. He’s got Jeezy, Pimp C and Beanie on the record, no trendy pop cuts just straight up Project Pat shit.

I Ain’t Going Back To Jail
Opening track and Pat kicks shit off with a barrage of threats about pulling guns and spraying errybody. Mr Bigg comes on reciting the chorus as the beat stutters into pat’s first verse. The beat is on that dark hypnotized sound that they do so well with some piano stabs and a little chant going on in the background for that memphis feel.

Purple ft Beanie Sigel
Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what this one is about.

this album drops on the 5th and I recommend the shit out of it because project pat is good for your health.

now if only someone would send me the UGK album….

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