I hate controversy

It took a
crew like mine
to throw the barrel on our backs
so mothafuck yall
cuz this is the mother of rap
we got rappers and rapers
kidnappers and boss players
we got cats with cases goin out like Larry Davis
playin pop-a-cop
so apprehend if you want
we turn yo ass to ashes
head shots with the pump
I’ll burn the yoohoo
nothin but the chocolate aroma
slight coma from the reefer watchin Black Caesar
dick teasers get slapped
I gave the colonel my chicken
strictly women
I don’t deal with gigglin bitches
Layin down i gots to post up (?)
the 4-pound is for clowns
and fuck a holster, b
i walk around like its the 80s
and fuck time-out
we out here puffin, drinkin heinie’s
and fuck a derby
we rock fitteds and scullys
and I’ma tell y’all this
frontin ain’t the way to get big
and hey y’all can get whipped up like Tommy Gibbs

Me and the playas stick together like coke
there’s money in the block, we gon rock the show
hustle so we don’t be broke
cheat the crack stash the dope in the snapple top
hey bruh you yap a lot?
N***as scar your face quicker than rap-a-lot
attached to bronx blocks
till I’m departed with shots or snatched by the cops
I fucks with them coldhearted n***as
equal to killas
skinny smoke wagon for the scrilla
rep the BX since the area code was 212
I’m from the same block CETA ran through
saw the madhouse days
where the big n***as gamble
watched them go from bad bitches to coke
mamis snort up them coke parties
turned out by the pusher
gettin skee’d off the dollar
left em broken bodies
makes me wanna holler

From the
Killas to killas
gangstas to gangstas
pick up the stickup kids
gunslangas and shankstas
trapped in one borough of anger
ran by racist crooked cop rangers
who put us in danger
picture dirty ghetto blocks makin thousands
hundred thousands
enough to have the feds up in the houses
walk the streets at night with rats the size of cats
criminals with cracks and car theives with jacks
murders doin hits for stacks
twistin wigs back
n*ggas throwin bottles at bitches
not knowin how to act
i’m from the Bronx
where it all started
Bronx n***a
trade back
proud to be a part of it
my entourage is retarded
doin deals in garages
its the summertime – we still cold hearted
borough, thorough
fuck beef, beef played out
since my grammy n****s found out
money is the way out
pretty bitches walkin in jeans
gettin ate out
all they want is a washing set and the take out
see my side of town
anything can go down
whether its raps or slangin gats
we’re puttin the bronx on the map.

“Bronx N***as” off the Cop-N-Go EP by the Money Boss Players. Track is really all about production, beat I assume is Minnesota who did most of their shit – funky blacksploitation shit with these fresh descending horns and a little guitar breakdown. Fire. Also check their track off the classic ’96 America Is Dying Slowly comp. Oh and they’re on Sadat X’s Wild Cowboys, which was a hot record too. Apologies for any lyrics I fucked up in transcription.

OhWord on the Money Boss Players’ Ghetto Chronicle

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