Cocaine Cowboys

Cocaine Cowboys Trailer

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I just watched this shit this morning and it’s pretty crazy. It’s a documentary about Miami and all the cocaine that got pumped through there in the 70’s and 80’s. They talk about the smugglers, cartels, and killers. The second half focuses on the killings and shit is nuts. I remember being a kid watching the news and everything about miami was just dead bodies in the street but I didn’t realize what the fuck was going on because I was too young. This documentary is crazy cause they got dudes talking about chopping up bodies, shooting kids, taking out this dude with a bayonette in the middle of the fucking airport. Then there is the money, my fucking god. so much money got pumped into that city because of drugs, no way would it be what it is today if it wasn’t for the drugs. Listening to these guys tell their stories it sounds like it’s straight out of fucking hollywood. I doubt this film will get a big release; maybe a year from now rappers with start jocking it and you might see it on video.

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