Grind Time Rap Gang

Apparently I’m the only motherfucker around here that gets excited about rap music anymore. Fuck all these pussies, I’m blogging til the death. Emynd is trying to be a dj superstar, icarus is a daddy and david is just soft as fuck. I’m never having kids cause that parenting bullshit just cuts back on my listening to music time.

Anyways point is I just got a hold of Killer Mikes I Pledge Allegiance To the Grind underground. Ever since I heard That’s Life I’ve been excited to get a hold of this shit. A pissed off Killer Mike is a great Killer Mike. He includes a cutesy radio interview on this shit that has him yelling about how no one is going witchdoctor him. This joint has actually gotten me to stop listening to Trae’s record for the last few days. If for some reason you’re not up on Grindtime the deal is this, it’s a crew that Killer started because his shit was getting delayed so he decided to do some underground shit with some hungry as fuck rappers and producers. But if you’re any sort of fan of this hiphop shit it shouldn’t even have to be explained because you should have already heard the fire that was That’s Life. If you haven’t then you fucking suck at listening to good music. Whatever with that shit though, here’s some mp3s peep.

Dueces Wild

A story about Killer getting jacked. My favorite part of the song is Mike talking during the chorus and telling these dudes how stupid they are.

Paystyle ft Grind Time Rap Gang

I fucking love this beat. Shit is on some slow bass with a few drug dealer synths sprinkled in there. The GrindTime dudes all line up to bust some solid verses. It’s nice to see a crew of dudes who can all rap instead of a bunch of halfassers wasting beats. The what would you do for a klondike bar line makes me laugh ever time.

Gorilla Pimpin Ft Eightball and MJG

Shit you can’t really go wrong with this combination.

You’d be advised to get your ass over to IAP and cop this shit. If for some reason you’re dumb as fuck and are debating on this record go peep their myspace joints. I’m tempted to post up more tracks but just trust me this shit is fucking good.

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