Some not so old music but kinda

Lil Boosie – Wonder Why Your Child So Bad

I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately. It’s off Boosie’s For My Thugz album from 2003 I think. Kind of sucks Boosie never really broke out. His Ratchet 12″ kind of came and dissappeared into clearance bin hell. Sucks cause he’s a really talented dude and while I dont’ fuck with Ratchet that much, it’s kinda goofy, when Boosie is on he can bust some shit. While he doesn’t do it often I think he’s at his best when he bust some sadfaced raps.

SPM – Screwed Up Tape

Yes more depressing southern rap but this time from Houston with the brown pride slant. It’s off South Park Mexican’s Reveille Park album from 02. The album was suppose to be all freestyles but like most freestyles these days thats a fucking lie. The song is pretty slow and the rhymes aren’t that fancy but this shit puts me in a good mood.

Mr Doctor – Bloccstyle ft Brother Lynch Hung

I have to be honest I wasn’t up on Mr. Doctor until my friend Mike put me up on him a couple years ago. I never really fucked with that Sacramento horror core shit like Xraided and Lynch. When that shit was coming out I always thought that was just corny scary rap for kids who thought meth was cool. Kind sucks I fronted on it cause dude has some dope tracks. Yeah he does some predictable westcoast g shit but he’s got some shit worth checking.

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