Jimmy Jael, a Friend of the Shrimp and 1/2 of Brother Reade, was asked to write and record a hook for a new Sadat X track. Obviously, at this stage in his career, such a task might prove stressful? Do you allude to “Punks Jump Up” or maybe try to work in an appraisal of Wild Cowboys? People apparently done forgot that Wild Cowboys is one of the defining works of its era. Or maybe Sadat’s sick of talking about the past and want to focus on the present. Or even on a future that’s not looking particularly shiny for our man. He’s going to be serving a bid real soon (he says so on the track). Weapons charges, as I recall. We wish him well.

Anyway, James came up with a hook that has nothing to do with Brand Nubian. Actually, it’s about nothing in particular. And I think it works pretty well. I guess the brass at whatever label he’s on didn’t agree and went another way on the album version.

So what we got here is a SMS Exclusive-clusive-clusive!

Jael does a verse on this version too.Remix!

Sadat X – Who’s Rollin? (Remix) featuring Jael of Brother Reade (produced by Pawl)

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