What Happened To Rappers Hating White People?

Correct me if I’m wrong but the KKK is still wearing three piece suits. Do rappers no longer want to deal with the devil with their motherfucking steel? These are core values with hiphop that I thought would never be lost. Now motherfuckers think Dead Prez is too extreme. You got BEP and J5 reaching out to Brittney and Kevin. Fuck even their parents can get down now. I remember a time when motherfuckers were scared of rap music. Now people just think it’s all about crack rap. Where is my cop killer of today? Fucking marketing plan pussies are killing this music. Pissed off rap needs to make a motherfucking come back. It’s probably the reason why I’ve been listening to Trae’s album every fucking day. Everyone wants to have fun. Fuck fun, I want to be mad again. Even the most recent 5%er stuff sucks now. Have you listened to that Lord Jamar album? I have and it’s boring as fuck. Instead of making exciting music Lord Jamar decided to make a boring as fuck lecture on crap.

Someone please kick some nuts back into hiphop cause this happy go fuckey time bullshit is tired as fuck.

One response to “What Happened To Rappers Hating White People?

  1. maybe its because rappers realized it was “white people” who were buying their nigger music in the first place asshole…

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