Jyeah! New Trae, thank fucking god. I need some new shit because music is weak as fuck right now. Fuck anyone that gives a fuck about some candy cane ass Pharrell rap bullshit. Trae brought it on this shit. Hell just peep Real Talk, he steps up on the fast rap tip just slaying the beat. I don’t know who did the beat but it’s like juiced up castlevania shit with that knock.

Real Talk

Don’t go into this album expecting some happy bullshit cause Trae sticks to what he is good at. That pissed the fuck off reflective rap hating on all the motherfuckers trying to bring him down but yet still depressed about all his fallen partners. The great thing about Trae is that dude has a realness about him and he admits that sometimes he’s right and sometimes he’s wrong but he will always think you’re a fucking bitch. He doesn’t tip toe around the bullshit and pretend to be some weakass superstar. Probably the song that best shows that shit is No Help. He teams up with Z-Ro so you know it’s on some assholes by nature shit.

He’s got a couple of car raps thrown in there for good measure though. But when they sound like Cadillac you can’t front on hearing a few more raps about how much candy paint is dripping. It also helps to have Triple Six, SLAB and Paul Wall on the cut. The beat is hella slow and grimy with some drawn out bass tones full of static. For the chorus they get decide to sample a Paul wall line of Getcha Mind Correct “broke up with my foreign car and woke up with a Cadillac”.

Cadillac ft Paul Wall Three Six Mafia, Jayton & Lil Boss of S.L.A.B.

buy this record because all the other shit out there right now fucking sucks and you know it.

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