New Project Pat


Pat’s got a new joint called Tell with Jeezy, Lyfe, and Mr Bigg doing the hook. It’s about how Pat will never rat even though he’s lovin cheese. It’s pretty dope stuff and I’m excited to hear Pat’s new album. Dude is under rated as hell. In this world of generic as fuck rappers you’d think someone that actually has style would stand out more. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re not on mtv making songs about shitty new dances.

Ride & Swerve

While I’m posting up about Pat I guess I should throw up this mp3 I got for Blak Jak that features him. The 12″ has been floating around, I don’t know if this shit is getting lots of play or anything but Pat’s on it so you can’t go wrong, especially with that first line of his verse. The beat has got this piano loop that I’ve been trying to place ever since I heard it. I’m pretty sure some indie rapper used a beat with the same sample but I can’t remember who.

Pat’s new album is suppose to drop August 8th but fuck that seems like a long time. He needs to drop some mixtapes or something. That gangta grillz joint was dope but man that was like the first shit he did in almost 3 years since he got locked up. The world needs more project pat, or at least I do.

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