Classic material

We coming down like a sail, in that goddamn rover
Just when you thought it was the beginning
You bitch, now its over
You can call on the Calvary, reinforcements, and your local P-D
They getting somewhere if they see me
My n*gga thats how these G’s be we three, me, C and Master P
Sipping on Gin and Kiwi
Fuck popping in your CD, bitch we popping in them clips
And now we all up in your grill live in 3-D
With drama, disaster, and death when you make me have to blast ya’
Y’all has to recognize you fucking with murder masters
Who plaster your ass and make your momma call a pastor
Dying faster than you thought, now that’s your ass bro
It’s the class of 9 scrilla on the for real’a
Direct from the villa of killas, now who thinking they trilla’
Watch me fill a wanna be cap pealer with them slugs
Probably for jaw jacking and jumping
Bitch don’t make me break you off somethin’

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