taken from sohh:

The first single off Feedback titled “Work It Out” features the Dave Mathews Band, who Jurassic 5 formed a close relationship with while touring together in the past.

“It’s a step up for us because we have been basically known as an underground group.” said group member Soup via a statement. “We’ve been known as a backpacker group. This album still has elements of that because that’s who we are, but at the same time we are also trying to step into another realm.”

ok it’s been about what like 10 years since unified rebellion and this is what those cocksuckers have to show for rap? This is a fucking insult to rap music. I didn’t think it could get much worse after BEP’s path to soccermom stardom but sweet jesus was I fucking wrong. Now burkenstocks everywhere can pretend they love “hiphop.” You know what is so fucking ridiculous is that j5 were some of the posterboys of the whole take it back to real hiphop bullshit and now they are making cornier shit than any fucking commercial record. Fuck, this shit is dumber than all of puffy’s shit records. If for some reason you want to hear this piece of shit music then just check their myspace page, it’s titled Work It Out. I’m fucking amazed at how bad this shit is. What bugs me about this shit is that these fuckers are trying to say they are trying to step into another “realm.” What fucking realm? Are they striving to be embraced by people who have no respect for hiphop in the first fucking place? people who hate rap unless it embraces psuedo liberal college student ideals that they won’t feel guilty about abandoning when they trade in their hemp necklaces for ties and keeping minorities out of their kid’s schools. Embrace my fucking dick you bitches.


  1. Jesus christ, you’re totally got your focus on the wrong thing if looking at the title of the post.. “What the fuck is happening to rap”.. you should look at all that fuckin club hiphop lil wayne lil that crap that’s taking over the market and said bein’ rap. J5 is atleast makin a real effort instead of them whiggas..

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