My sister on Killa Season

On Cam’ron:

This just makes me think that Cam’ron is an ignorant man… This was obviously the work of a very stupid person.

On the guy that plays the cop:

You gotta see this guy — he has a Duke.

On Hell Rell:

He’s incredibly ugly. Who is this guy? Is he a rapper?
He looks like he’s had a very hard life.
He looks like a 45 year-old trying to pretend that he’s 20.

In Summary:

Sometimes when I see shit like this, I think, ‘You go, Oprah. I wouldn’t want them on my show either.’
It’s actually worse than I’m Bout It… it’s not as realistic.

When asked “Well what did you expect?”

I didn’t expect it to be great or even good. But I didn’t expect this.

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