This Record Sucks

I’m not sure how many people remember Rottin Razkals (Fam, Diesel, and Kay Gee) but they got put on by Naughty by Nature, actually one of the mc’s was Kay Gee’s brother, and in 95 released this shitty album. The thing is I didn’t know that this record sucked until today. When this album came out I would constantly come across this tape but I would pass on that shit for stuff that looked a little more promising like Thump’s Old School vol 3 or Da Mexakinz. As the years went buy I would always come across this album every 6 months or so and debate on grabbing it. I just wondered what the fuck it sounded like but I would never actually buy the shit because honestly who the fuck wants to listen to a group whose logo is an angry worm coming out of rotten fruit; so I’d pass on that shit and figure I’d get it next time. Fast forward like 11 years and after years of passing up on the Rottin Razkals the internet decides to bless me by letting me download some shitty jersey rap. I have no clue why I was always curious about this shit. Hell I’m not that big of a Naughty By Nature fan why the fuck would I care about some Treach nuthuggers? But I was curious and now I know that I should not have even downloaded this shit. The rhymes are pretty fucking horrible, one of the dudes, Fam, actually says “I’m creative, creating with creativity” it’s almost as great as when he threatens to “flush you like some tiny bowl.” If you can’t seem to tell Tha Razkals theme for the album is to just bring generic as fuck rhymes over boring ass east coast throw away beats, boring piano loops and all. They recycle so many rhymes and crutch phrases that it starts to sound like some bullshit that was written for a sitcom. In short this album fucking blows shitcock and new jersey sucks.

so what’s the point in posting this? To tell you it sucks and that I’m stupid as fuck for ever wanting to find out what the fuck these dudes were about.

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