Never wanna break a fingernail

You can never get enough DJ Quik. No word on the tracklist yet for that new Quik Greatest Hits collection, but here’s hoping they dig a lil deeper than normal. A classic cut for those early summer weekend barbecues, I hope you all get drunk and hit on girls and/or dudes with all of Suga Free’s loquascious skills. Be careful. Don’t break the code now.

Inside Out” with the underrated Suga Free and almost-as-underrated AMG, driving bass-heavy handclap pimp funk with this great sing-song hook that sounds like some 80s pop song, like the chorus to a Police track or something. This shit is like hip-hop pringles, once you pop you can’t stop rocking this motherfucker. It is also too good to waste any more time talking about.

UPDATED MUCH LATER, 2008 — Can’t believe I didn’t know “Inside Out” by Odyssey — learn something new every day.

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