How We Act

A promo company finally sends us some music that doesn’t suck ass now if they could just stop emailing us about shit ass indie rock bands. Anyways here is the new single by A3 off Wreckshop Records’ upcoming Da Heavyweighters: Tilting the Scale compilation. The release date is suppose to be May 2nd but we’ll see if that goes down. The line up looks like some champed out texas shit. They got Slim Thug, ESG, Z-ro, Lil O, Mike D, and most of the Wreckshop family. If you don’t know about Wreckshop and you give shit about houston rap then you probably should check them since their line up includes Big Moe, Big Pokey, Ronnie Spencer, Tyte Eyes, A-3, Dirty Dolla, D-Gotti, Noke-D, and Fat Pat was on it before he died.

A3 – How We Act windows
A3 – How We Act real

While I’m posting up texas shit here is the new video from the DSR camp. The song features Fat B, Tum Tum, and Big Tuck. It’s a black & white video because they wanted to do something that had never been done before.

In The Hood

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