this is jah, about five or six years ago

Father Jah – The Real feat. Shon D

There’s an off-chance that you know Jah from commandeering B. Gozza’s no-show 2000 Scribble Jam battle slot and making it to, I think, the finals. Otherwise, he’s been doing it for a while here in Louisville, at least a decade, pounding the pavement, selling blue cassette tapes downtown long before it was ‘revitalized’ for the yuppies and tourists. His crew, Unstopable Recordings (formerly Ya Boy Nem/Dem Nigguhz) plays out pretty regularly and has put out about a hundred tapes, CDs, and DVDs over the years. This is off his upcoming album, Philosophies of a Modern Day Mastermind. I’ve heard better from Jah and Unstopable but the last line — about how we’ll just have the Derby on Algonquin this year while the city government tries to ban Broadway “cruising” — completely redeems any other shortcomings.


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