if it ain’t candy then the job ain’t true

This is old but I can’t stop listening to it, because it is the fucking gift that keeps on giving. All the key suavehouse sonic trademarks are here – riffing rhodes keyboards, laid back grooves and guitar licks that make each track sound like a relaxed jam session that just happens to also be a hot track.

8ball and MJG – Just Like Candy

Something so utterly gorgeous about this slice-of-pop-life car worship. Of course it’s the dreamy beat, Cameo sample, that simple bassline that MJG echoes with his opening verse – “I’m creepin’ low in a flip! Flop! Drop! Top ‘stang, leanin’ to the left, gold daytons on that thang,” and it’s also the echoes of “sexual healing” in the chorus melody “cuz its good for us” (it is a love song really) and because 8ball has perspective, knows that “to some candy paint is just a fantasy.” There is a guitar billowing in the background of this glimmering song of hazy sunsets glinting off the automobile fascination of American culture and Afro-American subversion of such.

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