Da Backwudz

I Don’t Like The Look Of It

Came across this in the clearance bin and since the b-side had Bohagen on it I decided to grab it. Got home threw that shit on and found out that the b-side fucking sucks but the a-side is pretty goddamn awesome so I’m glad I copped this. I didn’t know much about Da Backwudz other than they were from Georgia but with the magic that is the internet I discovered the two mc’s names are Big Marc and Shownuff. They are from Decature and were on this independent, Major Way Ent., which is run by Milwaukee Black who along with The Execs produced “I Don’t Like The Look If It.” The best shit about the song is the beat. It’s based around the fucking oompa loompas saying “I don’t like the look of it.” It’s fucking dope how they worked it in and just to push that willie wonka shit even harder they managed to work the oompa’s saying “oompa loompa” into the beat during the chorus. It’s hilarious and yet badass all at the same time. Their album is suppose to drop April 18th on Dallas Austin’s label, Rowdy. I don’t know what it’s going to sound like but they got a bunch of guests lined up so hopefully it doesn’t suck.

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