The King

No doubt.

*DJ Boolu Master was mixing “Why You Wanna” with “Gypsy Woman” on the radio today.
*”You Know Who” sounds like RJD2.
*Last verse on “I’m Talkin To You” is ridiculous, double-time flow shit like on 8ball and MJG’s “Grills.”
*”Stand Up Guy” is hotter than on the prerelease.
*The Swizz track is dope, with that weird whistles-bounce-horns thing he’s been rocking lately like on “Spit Your Game” and “Bring Em Out”
*The “My Life”/”Prayin For Help”/much of Trap Muzik-style reflective shit is missed, the so-so Jamie Foxx song aside.
*This album falls off hard in the last couple of tracks. My favorite part is when they bring back that ‘classic’ Common “Come Close” sound.
*Even the shit tracks have some redeeming verses from T.I. who is still one of the best rappers out. This LP is a notch above E-40 and Juvie’s albums, which are really sort of disappointingly solid.

(Buy this Tuesday)

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