We Eat Soup With Forks

Forty brought it with this one. For the most part the beats on it are some next level hyphy shit. Lil John, Rick Rock, Droop-E, Studio Ton, and Bosko handle all the beats. The album opens up with this Rock Rock beat that is based around a Digable Planet’s sample, “We be to rap what key be to lock” It’s super sick even with the overly dramatic techno strings. Most of the beats that Rick did have a gang of sounds coming through. It’s like he listened to Fantastic Damage and then went off and made a bunch of hyphy beats. 40 loaded up on the features on this album. He only does three tracks by himself. Even with all the guest he keeps it pretty bay area with it. The content tends to be on that hyphy club shit but forty does lace it with some real shit like tearing down the hood so rich people can build more ikeas. The last cut, Happy To Be Here, is his serious track where he breaks down growing up and seeing all the fucked up shit in the hood. The part of the album that I tend to skip over are the tracks about blowjobs and shit. What sucks is that Al Kapone was on those cuts and it’s waste to have him rapping about getting panties wet. I want another Gorilla Milk. But even with a handful of weak tracks the ones that are dope bang so hard you don’t even notice the shitty ones.

Go Hard Or Go Home ft Federation
Sometimes I can tell from a title of a song whether or not I’m going to like the track and this shit didn’t disappoint. Rick Roc did this one with 40 and federation just beating up your speakers. Just blast this shit loud as hell and don’t be afraid to get dummy with it.

Muscle Cars ft Keak Da Sneak & Turf Talk

This track comes on right after Tell Me When To Go because people need more Keak in their life. It’s all about cars but shit that people actually rock today. Not like mike jones screaming about wire wheels from a ten year old screw tape. This is all about cutlasses with whistle tips and rims so big they make you’re car slower.

The album drops on Tuesday. People need to monster up and buy that shit.

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