Start A Fight With The Thickest Click

Fuck That Shit

My favorite track off Three 6’s Da Unbreakables album although “Let’s Start A Riot” and “Dangerous Posse” are real close. Shit now that I think of it there are a gang of songs on that album that I really like but “Fuck That Shit” really sums up that don’t give a fuck tear da club up shit that the triple six does so well. My neighbors really hate when I play this record because I always blast it super loud. Sometimes I think I should be considerate and turn it down but then I think what would Three 6’s response be to my annoying neighbors. That’s when I realize that I need to Fuck That Shit even louder. This song pretty much reps everything that people who hate rap music hate about it. It also reps a lot of what I love about this hiphop shit, rowdy as fuck and unapologetic about it. Sometimes I feel like an immature little kid for loving that dudes are just yelling fuck that shit but then I say fuck that shit and realize this is so fucking great.

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