Better use yr nikes bro

T.I. – What You Know video
When I first heard this single on the radio the other day I kinda lost it; it didn’t help that the girl I was riding with at the time was just complaining about how the radio all sounds the same, which made it stick out even more to me, thinking but this is what exceptional sounds like. With that baroque synth climbing and cascading, overloaded punch-ins and ad libs, Tip’s flow slowed down and grainy, showing all these other dudes how to sound regal because no matter how worried we are that it hints at T.I. doing Jeezy when it used to be the other way around, about T.I.’s disavowel of “ASAP,” the release of “Bounce Like This,” and the possibility that TIP’s spoilt-milk “Sunshine” is around the corner, “What You Know” makes T.I. really sound like The King.

Video – bringing back front-lawn weightlifting like old Dre videos, standing solo with a split-screen, rollerdisco, slowwww rollin autos. It doesn’t move much because it doesn’t have to; the momentum is all in the royal persona, the myth, the song.

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