touch the sky

The video premiered last night. I think the song is pretty good although I’m a Curtis superfan so that shit will not top the original in my book. Still I am hooked on Lupe Fiasco now (according to lastfm the only artist I listen to more is Papa Reu) and this video is fun. Fuck I liked the Kanye album a lot and I haven’t listened to it in like two months so I am about spent on talking about his music, just watch the video. It is dope. I promise my next post will not link to YOUTUBE.

1 more thing: 1 More Hit, a trailer for a new doc on J-Swift and his struggles with addiction. And some real talk about ‘trap-hop’ real talk from Jeff Chang:

i don’t object to the fact that crack rap exists, nor that some of it is aesthetically, uh, dope, i object to critics or progressives praising or denouncing it like it doesn’t intersect with reality.

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