Why does anyone who listens to hiphop actually give a fuck about paying attention to the grammys? All this hype that kanye got off that shit, yeah he was a crybaby last time around but why the fuck would anyone, even him, think that the fucking grammys had any say in giving awards to some remotely legitimate shit. They are nominating bullshit like that shitass BEP songs and the fucking “candy shop.” I always viewed the grammys the way I view my parents talking about rap music; bunch of clueless people who don’t know shit about any of this music trying to pretend they have some legit opinion. These are the people that gave awards to Arrested Development. Who cares who should have been nominated, the grammys are irrelevant as fuck.

yeah I know, why post about it if I don’t care? I just think it’s weird to see kids on the internet or whatever talking about it as if the grammys hadn’t picked the corniest shit for awards every year so you get a shitty paragraph. Also I think it’s lame as hell to care about a grammy. It’s like sucking up to get approval from people who don’t matter anyways, on some “thanks for noticing me whitey” shit.

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