Philly Freestyle Videos

While it may appear that Philadelphia has absolutely no underground hip-hop scene to your random backpacker observer, this observation couldn’t be further from the truth. The “underground hip-hop” that is alive and well in Philadelphia isn’t one that congregates at random showcases and open-mikes in trendy areas of town, and you won’t see these dudes frequenting the Sage Francis and Aesop Rock concerts that pop-up every couple months. The Philadelphia underground rap scene is being dominated and documented by Freestyle DVDs that capture some of these up-coming folks on their blocks, or outside their studios, or randomly, coming out of Boston Market. Some folks have been kind enough to upload a bunch of this stuff to You Tube which is the best shit ever. Peep.

West Philly’s finest. Dude is ridiculous.

By the way, if anybody can get me in touch with this dude, holler at me

* “I see birds like I’m downtown tossin out bread

* “You can look me in the face and tell that I’m hungry
(about half way in… stick around for Oschino, too.)

Peedi Crakk
NP’s Puerto-Rican Allen Iverson.

* “Pussy, money and thugs what I’m talkin’ about
(Old shit from like ’99)

* “From North Philly and you from Bumblefuck
(Old shit from ’99 with Freeway… Freeway kills it)

“Yeeeeaaaah Cannoooonsss…”

* “Pussy, you don’t know me

Meek Millz
North Philly young bol.

* “Ni**a, are you kiddin? I got rhythm like a rockin’ chair

*”Lugers, lugers and uzis to move your body left and right


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