everything that glitter ain’t fish scale

At least the cover is funny.

I donno why everyone is so excited about this album; all the hype leading up to it sounds like a blandification of what’s made Ghost worth hearing. “Be Easy” isn’t even as good as the beat Pete Rock did for Northern State; GFK’s also teamed up with overexposed MF Doom on “Charlie Brown,” which is about how hip-hop is dead and boring, probably because Doom puts it to sleep with by-numbers loops now.

It’s not all bad news though; lowered expectations = some satisfaction, at least on this sampler. “Back Like That” is decent, sounds like a Bulletproof Wallets outtake. “Big Girl,” is better and it sounds like a Pretty Toney outtake; it’s like Ghost singing/rapping along with the clock radio on his kitchen counter and splashing the suds from his hands while doing the dishes. But best of all:

Ghostface and Raekwon – Kilo (Produced by MoSS)

“All around the world today….” Going back like a playful Cuban Linx: Ghost can’t feel his face from the coke, sampled children’s song about the metric system, size of a kilo (1,000 grams dude) has got Ghost’s project all outta order. “….the kilo is the measure.” Sniff sniff a la “Knowledge God.” Slight reggae funk-beat, Rae kicking a short street-sounding verse with his workman flow and weighty seriousness to balance Ghost’s goofy coked raps. Little horn samples blurt in-and-out dramatically. THE RETURN OF TRAP HOP!? Kidding.

The best things about this leak is that all the songs sound like other Ghost albums! This album will prob go quadruple styrofoam. Jay’s really killing them at Def Jam isn’t he.

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