"Electro Cute" by emynd & Bo Bliz

Well, Dave accidentally convinced me to post this on here by claiming elsewhere that “trendy dance musics penetrate.” Frankly, don’t know if I would exactly call this mixtape “trendy dance music,” but it is chock-full of electro/freestyle/bmore/dancehall/and-other-130bpm-goodness that will be sure to set your party off.

“Electro Cute” is the cleverly titled creation by two of Philly’s finest party DJs–emynd and Bo Bliz. The mixtape is a carefully crafted 70 minutes full of electro classics and rarities, focusing on Pretty Tony Butler and Baltimore Club Music. It’s got a trunkload of original blends that will melt your face and isn’t like anything you’ve ever heard before.


But, don’t take my word for it.

Peep the first twenty minutes for yourself and then go peep the snippets at the website and COP THAT ISH for a measly $7 (if you’re in the continental US)… or just click below:

It’s all fun and games… until it ain’t no game anymore.


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