My Truck’s A Weapon

So I finally got ahold of this Truckstop record, The Payback EP. I’d been trying to find this shit since I discovered the now defunct Truckstop website a few years back. Truckstop is a project started by Sebastian Laws and Scotty Hard. These two along with Nosaj were responsible for New Kingdom which if you’ve been reading somanyshrimp for a minute you may remember a shitty post or two about them. By way of google I found out this small label, Wordsound, put out their EP and they were still selling it on their website. Few clicks and I ordered that shit with a quickness. Truckstop is all about distorted vocals and smashing the fuck out of beats. I’m such a fucking sucker for distortion. It always makes me want to turn shit up even louder just so it gets even more fucked up.

Coast To Coast
I’m going to upload this again just because I think this song is fucking badass and represents everything that I think makes Truckstop so great. This slow and menacing beat just stomps through in a drunken slop of static and raps. Just crank this shit and yell the lyrics at people you don’t know, good times I tell you, good times.

Flying In My Dreams
The slowest track on this EP with it’s cb radio mic raps, Low buzzing bass and distortion that makes me think dudes don’t even have connectors for their equipment. They just got frayed wires with fucked up pieces of copper twisted together and covered with old shitty electrical tape that’s too gummed up to bother fixing.

I suggest you cop this shit because dusty raps have a warm place in my heart. Shit it’s only 6 bucks, well worth it.

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