Hasta lasagna, don’t get any on ya.

One last song to make yr New Years EXPLOSIVE.

Brian DePalma’s Mission: Impossible was my favorite movie when it came out in ’96. Shit was totally badass (and much better than the sequel) – gadgets and intrigue on the rainy streets of Prague, spies, THE NOC LIST IS IN THE OPEN!, pen-launched diuretics, Jon Voigt, “I’m gonna miss being disreputable,” “Drake Hotel. Chicago,” “They stamped it didn’t they? Those damn Gideons,” convincing latex faces, John McLaughlin cameo, miniarature cameras in eyeglasses, “If Max doesn’t like what you have to say, you will be wearing that shroud indefinitely,” double-crossings, moles, “Kittridge, you’ve never SEEN me ‘very upset,'” explosive chewing gum, “Red light! Green light!” high-speed train antics, Jean Reno & Ving Rhames, “Everyone has pressure points, Barnes. You find something that’s personally important to someone and… you squeeze,” Langley acrobatics, stabbings and shootings in the dark on cobblestone streets, Jim’s death at the bridge, carbombs, “Would you consider the cinema of the Caribbean? Aruba, perhaps?” beautiful Emmanuelle Béart, “Wake up, Claire! Jim’s dead! He’s dead! They’re all dead!” drunk Russians on the embankment, the convoluted plot, the betrayal, the awesome DANNY ELFMAN soundtrack which is sampled for this rockass club jam:

Al Kapone + Mr. Sche feat. K-9 – On Da Flo

Pure Memphis club shit from Mr. Sche (pronounced like “scheme”) and Al Kapone’s album Showdown, released this past year and packed with ANTHEMS, stretching into similar territory to Hypnotized Minds-style goth club rap, thumping 808s and doubletime hi-hats, squirming synths and real raps, aural mean muggin. And smooth pimp raps riding sampled dark chirping soul (“Forever Pimpin’ Hard”). “Thug Holiday” (video) has smoky synth production that sounds modern & Memphis, but moody and atmospheric like filtered basslines and mid-90s New York hardcore.

Sche is from Orange Mound, like 8ball and MJG, and he’s done production work for 8ball, Tony Draper (Suavehouse) and other dudes from Memphis. His site is here. Al Kapone has been underrated in Memphis for a minute; he works a similar vein to Three-6 etc but has a unique edge, a sort of vigilante attitude vs. Hypnotized camp’s posse approach. Hopefully Kapone’s part in Hustle & Flow means a higher profile in the future. I’ve been feeling dude since Serg put me on to the Memphis Drama compilations a year or two back. Both of these are worth checking as well, especially for “Guerrilla Milk” with E-40 and “Grippin’ the Wood”:

The Memphis Drama sequel is much better than the Mission Impossible sequel which was some sub-James Bond Jr. biting bullshit. MI3 comes out in May and I don’t think I’m gonna bother. Do check out Mr. Sche and Al Kapone’s album Showdown which you can get for 11.99 here.

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  1. Pure Memphis club shit from Mr. Sche (pronounced like “scheme”) and Al Kapone’s album Showdown, released this past year and packed with ANTHEMS

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