with no remorse

Some folks talk shit about how I post grime and R&B on a rap blog, so I decided what the fuck, why not throw some house music into it too.

This song is from DJ Funk’s 1995 CD Pumpin’ the Trax which is full of the kind of wild dance music that Chicago was producing in the mid ’90s, some of the craziest (and most compulsively jack-able) “ghetto house” you’ll ever hear. This shit feels dirty, as it should, for dancing with girls your grandma would not respect you for knowing. You can still get 12″s of this shit at Gramaphone in Chicago, hometown-pressed white-label bangers.

But yeah because this is a rap blog and some of you are bitter motherfuckers about non-rap music, so I’m just gonna throw up one of the last cuts which is basically just pure gangsta shit, not really a booty beat to be found. What it does share with the jack house on the CD is a suitably dark and cold mood, like these fucking below-freezing windy city temperatures we’ve got now, where the landlord controls the radiators and I get heat for about 30 minutes a day. Creepy shifting bass tones and that chopped “No-no mothafuckin’ looooove” sample, slight syncopated bounce that was novel in ’95. Grimey.

Do or Die feat. Psycho Drama – No Love (g-rap)

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