New Eddie K

A while back my girlfriend started a new project called “vetv” which is going to be this short 10-15 minute show about records and rap related shit. The first episode features eddie k, mark of future primitive, dj rasta cue, and cool chris of groove merchant. The show will debute sometime early next year, they are pulling for january. It will be available online so you can get your internet on. Anyways the day of filming Eddie K hooks us up with a couple new tracks he’s got. These are suppose to be on the next Gurp City EP. It’s going to have 7 songs with 3 instrumentals and some accapellas featuring the likes of Baldhead Rick, Z-man, Luke Sick, Topr, Conceit, Philo and Blisterfist.

SF Hyphy
Eddie K on that bay shit getting cutesy for them folks in the club. I think if he can get this on the radio it might take off. The beat has these little electronic pellets that don’t ever stop dropping and between versus you get a little wave of synth connecting everything together. Baldhead Rick does the chorus section of this joint. The song fucking bumps, I’ve been jamming this shit since I got a hold of it.

Move Those Jeans
It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what this song is about. The beat is built on those congos with Eddie K plushing it out. The beat has this off key whiney portion that is a little suspect but it’s short so I just deal with it. This EP is suppose to drop January 1st so cop that shit because it going to be totally not shitty.

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