So I haven’t done many posts on grime lately, shit is hard to keep up with and doesn’t really enter my life outside of the internet. But I think there are some things worth checking out this year – two mixtapes in particular, so get up on THIS. The first is DJ Target’s Aim High 2 which was a good blend of grime and more British hip-hop tracks, and lyrically takes a step towards making grime interesting to listen to. Which is fucking necessary because so much of it just hits me as ridiculous blaring rawness and thats good at first but becomes oppressive.

The other mixtape I was feeling this year is Logan Sama’s RWD mix, which doesn’t stick to one-note blazing banger grime tracks – although it has those – but blends into more R&B-ish shit, is broader stylistically, and that holds my attention better than one hundred grime rappers with gimmicky hollering catchphrases: ITS THE MERKLE MAN! I’M SERIOUS! POW! WONGGGGG! Ok Wong is pretty funny. But yeah, fuck that shit for a whole mixtape, unless you know how spread it out, which Logan Sama apparently does. Hot shit like the barreling rhythm of Ruff Sqwad’s ululating classic “When I’m ‘Ere” or the flute-and-synth interlocking in “Never Guess” blending with more laid back lyrical shit like “City Life” and the upbeat party tracks like “Mr. DJ” ‘for the ladies!’ Part of why this stuff appeals to me is its like some bizzaro world club scene that only exists in abstract. How about those vaguely east asian melodies plucking in between synths and R&B crooning, laser blats on “My Life”?…this stuff does exist here (“Dip It Low,” maybe), but without that guttery trippy two-step bounce. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with American rap and R&B, and Chicago radio is too good to me. The real appeal of this stuff is its remoteness + uniqueness, like it’s hard to imagine a place where this shit is ‘pop,’ – and that inimitable trippy stomping groove? I liked Dizzee a bit, wasn’t really feeling the Kano album, the Wiley was aite, but never really loved Grime until i heard some mixtapes last year, got the sense of groove and continuity that I get in rap from Chicago DJs on WGCI and Power 92, with DJ Lil John and Boolu Master.

Anyway, since you fuckers are clearly here for free music, here’s the b-side to “Anna.” “Anna” pops up on RWD, but this doesn’t, so cop it. I think its pretty badass.

Ruff Sqwad – Bring It Down

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