Self Destruction

For some reason I thought I’d posted about this record before but turns out I’m dumb and was confused about when I posted Semi.Official. Saturday night I went to Slim’s to see I Self Devine bust some raps. He’s on a tour with Gza, Muggs, and goddamn Swollen Members. I had doubts about going to the show because I really didn’t want to have to deal with Swollen Members but my desire to see I Self out weighed my hatred of shitty rapsingers.

I primed myself for the show by drinking some Seirra Nevada Christmas beer shit that is just out in time to get you drunk enough to not remember all this holiday season bullshit. We get to Slims just as the opening act, M80 is finishing his set. I Self was up next and was fucking great. He got all cute freestyling over the “Put You On The Game” beat. His set was about 30-45 minutes or so I think. More people need to listen to I Self Devine because dude is really putting out some dope stuff. He had some hypeman with him whose name I don’t remember but I do remember walking up to him after the set to speak some jibberish to him about my friend.
“you see her?”
“um yeah”
“she fucking sucks so bad that I thought you should know that.”

After I Self’s set was Swollen Members so I decided to drink more beer so that I would not remember their set; this proved to be a wise manuever which resulted in me yelling shit like “got my white tees and my stunnas on, gold ones and I can’t go wrong!”. I don’t think wutang/swollen fans appreciated the embarrassing greatness that is Go Dumb so fuck those tulips. After throwing back some beers I saw Matth of anticon and decided I should talk to him because I’m drunk and awesome. Turns out that wasn’t Matth but the guy acted like he knew me because he thought I was in his math class. Then shit got awkward when the guy I thought was Matth didn’t understand why I was asking him if he’s got some new beats dropping soon and I thought he was a retard for not making music. After getting annoyed at fake matth for giving up rap beats I think I turned around and told my friend Kristin that she was a stupid korean bitch which was a failure at my attempts at being a drunk racist because she’s filipino. On the way out of the club we saw I Self Devine and I tried to tell him about Go Dumb and how he should do that song. He didn’t tell me to shut up so that was nice. I gave him some money for a micranots cd and stumbled outside. That’s pretty much the point at which my brain said fuck it I’m out of here but fortunately my girlfriend got me home where I could passout in safety.

This post isn’t really about i self because I’m lazy like that so download this shit and go cop the album because it’s raptastic.

Feel My Pain

Ice Cold

Live In The Moment

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