Killa Kyleon

I thought about posting about Killa before but then I figured I’d wait till his new shit dropped, Murder He Wrote, but since rappers are so reliable with their release dates I’m just going to post up some old shit. For those that don’t know Killa Kyleon is in Slim Thug’s crew the BossHogg Outlawz. He came up on the southside watching all those Houston legends put it down on Screw tapes but never manning up to get on one. Years later he got down with Slim and just road that wave. Who knows when his album is going to drop but I’m hoping it’s soon because that shit is going to be something fierce. If you’re hoping to hear something similar to Slim well you might be disappointed. Slims style is that slow confident delivery while Killa’s is more aggressive and a lot more abrasive. Killa is one of my favorite emcees from Houston. He doesn’t rely on recycling used up lines about chopping blades and how he’s coming down. I saw him in Austin and dude just fucking killed it with this ridiculous freestyle. He has this intensity that you don’t find in a lot of houston rappers and it’s what makes him standout so much.

See About Cha
Hog Clap
Both of these cuts are off his Welcome To Da Hood mixtape from a couple years back. I think my favorite part of See About Cha is when he says “bitch it’s our time, money long and it stretch like a powerline” because it makes me think of the Goonies and I just know that the boyz n blue are down with Mikey and Data. The other joint is him covering Nola Clap with some gun shots sprinkled in there to lighten up the mood.

Texas Lifestyle Flow ft Bun B
Addicted To The Game Flow
These are off Rapid Ric’s Whut It Dew 2 mixtape which is hosted by Bun and Kyleon. When ever those to team up for rap it’s usually for good for rap. The second track is Killa doing what bitchass Game wishes he could have done over that beat. So many Texas rappers have killed this beat on mixtapes that is pisses me off that Timberland sold this to a weak ass motherfucker like the Game. That amateur doesn’t deserve shit like this.

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