What It Did

This joint might be up on the internets already but now lil flip has a new song out called What It Do (ram) (windows) so I figure I should post up so fools be knowing about how this came out already. Now everybody wants to think that “what it do” is some houston slang because of the rapid ric mixes and paul wall saying that shit on cutesy mtv but people don’t know about people saying that shit in the bay for a minute now. I’m not getting into some bullshit about who started it but I know some folks in the bay are a little salty about people getting famous off bay shit. In fact my friend Malina thinks “that shit is hella moted.” I don’t really give a fuck about who said if first but I think people should know about the Keak joint because it’s fucking dope and I like it more than the Flip joint even though Mannie is bringing it. Whenever I rock my Whut It Dew shirt I got bay dudes sweatin me for that shit wondering where I got it but then I tell them Texas and they are like what the hell. The Keak Da Sneak song is off the Guce & Killa Tay – Bullys Wit Fullys 2 mixtape and I think it’s from early 2004 but whatever just download it and use this info to bicker for useless hiphop status with your nerdy friends.

Keak Da Sneak – What It Do

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