Bay Area History

if you don’t know about the cocaine blunts board get your weight up cause some member on there posted some cutesy bay area mixes. Pretty much all the songs are off tapes or vinyl. He threw up all 8 parts in this series. I just started listening to part 8 and it’s fucking great. Go check this shit out They are about half an hour long so that might suck for you dial up fools but I suggest you just man the fuck up and stick it out.

peep the tracklisting from part eight:

1. (1987) M.C. Hammer – Feel My Power (Off his 1st release before he got signed)
2. (1993) Funk Mobb – Inner City Funk
3. (1993) Potna Deuce – Brand New Playas Original Mix
4. (1994) D-Cal – Trigga Drop
5. (1994) C.O.P.S. – Loungen
6. (1995) Knowtorious – Real About A Come Up
7. (1989) Mac Dre – Mac Dre Is The Name (Only Available on the YBB EP)
8. (1994) Budwyser – Black On Black ft Black C
9. (1991) JT The Bigga Figga – Dank Or Dope
10. (1990) Total Devastation – Total Devastation (Their 1st EP)
11. (1989) Hugh EMC – Pimp Style
12. (1989) Supermacks – Supermacks In Effect
13. (1994) Totally Insane – Here We Go Again

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