The Carter II

The first one was, in retrospect, totally classic. I haven’t found a tracklist for this yet but we can be hopeful right? Wayne was one of the best things to happen to Trina’s new album! Cash Money is basically dead since Mannie left this summer, but this is basically a post-CM album anyway, classy cover art to signify the transition from bouncey youthful exuberance to battle-tested, scarred experience, matter-of-fact flow and superstar status. Compare this to his face on the cover of Guerrilla Warfare! OK but the LW transition is old news. Whats new on this one? 1) Katrina 2) Will Mannie return!? 3) Hopefully Jazze Pha will keep it “Earthquake” and knock it off with the song intros marring Slim Thug and Bun B albums AWRIGHT AWRIGHT AWRIGHT LADIES! AND! GENTLEMEN! [skip button]. Seriously, Mannie’s intros aren’t this bad!

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