Slappin the Beezwax Out Of Your Grill

Juelz Santana, Ryu & Celph Titled – “S.C.O.M.”
(via artofrhyme)

Oh my fuckiung god, how in the fuck did this stupid ass song come together? Not only did they use this weak ass Guns & Roses sample to further prove that Dipset loves predictable top 40 shitrock but Juelz agreed to rap with two of the most irrelevent rappers in this underground hiphop bullshit. Fucking Celph Titled is on this talking about pulling guns. Apparently sucker punching Cage makes you a thug instead of a shitty rapper trying to get over on Esoteric’s weak attempts at being a man. Celph needs to stick to producing instead of trying to shout out Dipset and the Demigodz. This shit is so fucking ridiculous I can’t believe it. Then these fuckers went and got Ryu of Styles of Beyond. Of all the rappers out there, fucking Ryu? Who really ever gave a shit about SOB? I thought they disappeared into the abyss that is shitty underground LA hiphop that no one has given a fuck about since 1998. They should have gone for dolo and gotten Planet Asia on this retardfest. Oh and if this song couldn’t suck anymore guess who produced this fucking beat? Goddamn Mike Shinoda, yes that shit ass rapper from Linkin Park. This motherfucker makes music for shitbags who think 311 is too serious. Anyone who thinks this song is good is a dumb bastard who should probably get the fuck off this website and get back to their Swollen Members cd.

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