What Scares Us Is I Think We Hear Violence

This is kind of retarded but I actually feel betrayed by Ice Cube. I know that I don’t matter to him and that he can do whatever he wants with his career but I still feel that way. When I was a young boy Ice Cube was everything I wanted a rapper to be. Angry and going hard as fuck on a record. In the early 90’s Ice Cube shaped my political beliefs. He legitimizing my opinions. My father told me white people were racists assholes but Ice Cube made me believe it. I had faith that he could do no wrong. I didn’t give a fuck that he wasn’t really a gangbanger or that he came from a good family. I didn’t care that most of his stories were really the Lynch Mobs. To me Ice Cube was the definition of cool. I wished I could grow his fro and own that green impala on triple gold daytons.

I’m posting a some cube tracks not because they are hard to find or anything, especially with them reissuing a lot of this stuff, but the reason I felt like posting these songs is because I like them a lot. They are songs that have a sound that I miss and feature an Ice Cube that I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to hear again. Well maybe “You Know How We Do It” but there is probably a more likely chance he’d try doing another Bop Gun before that, that’s assuming he doesn’t make any more fucking christmas songs.

Ill-Legal with KD and Sir Jinx (CIA EP 1986)
The sound isn’t the best because I didn’t feel ripping the record, instead I just downloaded it. This shit is pre NWA when Cube, Dre, KD, and Sir Jinx use to pretend they were in RunDMC. This record has been reissued so you can easily get a hold of it if you want.
Nigga You Love To Hate (Amerikkka’s most wanted 1990)
Ice Cube over that Bomb Squad production. It was such a departure from that NWA sound that when I first heard the record I didn’t know what to think.
Endangered Species ft Chuck D and a really lame guitar solo(kill at will ep 1990)
The opening track on the Kill At Will ep. Cube and Chuck D addressing death of young black males. These two have some of the strongest voices in the rap game.
Wrong Nigga to Fuck With (death certificate 1991)
Fuck r&b and the running man. No softness, no dancing, just macho ass hiphop shit and I fucking love it. Making threats and fronting on people who like to dance is my shit.
When Will They Shoot (the predator 1992)
The way that beat just stomps is my favorite part. Brother J sampled for the hook and then Cube comes in and just kills that shit. This song can do no wrong. When I first heard this I remember thinking how this was the greatest song I’d ever heard in my life.
You Know How We Do It (lethal injection 1993)
The video for this song came out during the summer of 1994. That summer I would wake up, turn on mtv jams and watch this video. I don’t know why but for weeks it was always like the first or second video I saw when I woke up. Dumbfuck Bill Bellamy just knew my routine.

I miss Ice Cube and drinking St Ides. It’s almost like my friend died but really he just turned into a shitty actor/rapper.

I figure most people who read this already check cocainblunts but peep noz’s Low Profile post.

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