Lil Keke And Jacka

I grabbed this album a few weeks back mostly because Lil Keke’s name was on it. It’s suppose to be an album him and Jacka of Mob Figaz, this bay area crew, made together, but it’s not. It’s really more like a split EP. I’m guessing that Jacka paid Keke to do some shit with him so they could hype it up so Keke sent him some songs he had and they slapped the album together. The songs with keke don’t have Jacka or any of the Mob Figaz dudes on them and the same goes for the Jacka songs not having Keke on them. Jacka has some moments but really none of his shit really stands out on this album. Hell Lil Keke doesn’t even really bring it on this shit. Overall I think I should have spent my money on something else but whatever. At least there is one decent track on the album, We Made It Out The Bottom, which of course has the southern boys throwin down as opposed to some half ass bay area mob shit. So yeah my opinion is that you’re better off downloading this one track and not wasting your time dealing with generic bay area mob shit that sounds like messy marv throw away tracks from five years ago.

We Made It Out The Bottom ft Lil Keke Eightball, Killa Kyleon

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